13697232_647245098765664_8388821966264397911_n.jpgGeneration gap! An aged man taking a walk amidst the greens while the young generation take their seat and spend time with their smartphones. It all happens in cubbon park. 

Now what do I say about this place? Where do I start?
A place which is located right in middle of the city, just like a heart is situated for a human!

15252691_720058028151037_1099760343221933840_o“Dont worry I’m here to give you shade, you just enjoy & embrace your walk” says the tree to the man! 

From joggers to stalkers, kids to old people, the ones who get their pets out for a walk to the people who paint and photograph, a place where u can see one sipping a coffee to one eating the maize corn or some food which they bring from home!


A puppy being brought to walk. 

A place where young people come for their FB profile photos clicked to couples who come for their pre/post wedding shoots to mothers to be who come there for their maternity photoshoot!

17015927_10212305152533645_5928082701366847455_oA happy couple getting their Pre Wedding shoot done. It all happens in cubbon park. 

A place for art – where people of different arts like photography, painting, skateboarding, unicycling, frisbee, music, theatre & those book worms who come here and hangout.

rrAn artist painting his imagination! While the onlookers are amazed by it!

A place for peace – a silent meditation amidst the nature, a romantic outing with your friend, family, love, yourself alone or even with your pet for a conversation or a walk or witnessing the life around as the sunlight gradually fills in.

14591658_686648578158649_326997512421759747_nMeditation amidst lush green tall trees! I dont think so a person can find a better place for meditation in bangalore than this. 

A place for fitness – where people come from all around the city for a jog or some push ups or play some tennis or badminton or cricket amidst the tall green trees!

rtOn a Sunday morning in cubbon park! Sun light, Nature, Cricket, walk, cycling and some photography! 

And above all a place for social gatherings – State central library to Photography walks to theatre/music gatherings, walk marathons to social awareness gatherings!

22042130_10214275697876047_8929167130835219978_oAnd a Squirrel just lost in its own world & enjoying eating whatever it gets to eat! 🙂 

Ah! You mention it and it has it!

And you know what’s the essence of this place?
Well, any one can go here as many times as you want and each time you are there, it amazes with something new and something which u haven’t seen before! That’s the beauty of Cubbon park!
There is so much of life in it!

– Tales By Tej –

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